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Super Fast Goat Cheese Crostini

These little goat cheese crostini are one of my favorite appetizer recipes to make when we have a ton of people coming over. Why? Because this recipe… Is Easy Is Super fast to make (which is important if you’re making a bunch of dishes!) Is Light and low-calorie Requires 3 ingredients Looks fancy 🙂 Is […]

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Chickpea, Tomato, and Feta Salad

We’ve been doing a lot of picnic-ing these days. The weather has been absolutely perfect for it: warm, sunny, with a light breeze but not too hot or humid! It also helps that the parks around our neighborhood have tons of nice shady picnic spots, and eating outside with kids means less mess to clean […]

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Superfood Salad with Healthy “Ranch” Dressing

It has been a HOT summer so far, and being 36 weeks pregnant has just made the weather feel even hotter!! It might be a combination of not wanting to spend a ton of time cooking near a hot stove, or wanting to find more cooling meals, but I have been making a lot of […]

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Pippa Middleton Eats This for Breakfast Every Day

She may be Duchess Kate's little sister, but Pippa Middleton gets her fair share of time in the spotlight. One reason? Her toned physique—we'll never forget the headlines after William and Kate's wedding when Pippa's infamous derrière was the talk of the town (or the world). Yes, Pippa clearly has good genes, but diet also plays a key role in her fabulous figure, so of course we want to know what she's eating, and isn't eating. So when the 34-year-old dished to ...

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21 High-Protein Breakfasts Under 300 Calories

Brigitte Zeitlin, M.P.H., R.D., C.D.N., founder of the New York-based BZ Nutrition, tells SELF that it's one that's filled with the right balance of protein, complex carbs, fiber, and healthy fat. The protein is especially key, Zeitlin explains. "It also keeps you feeling full and satiated, so you won't feel the need to eat again too soon." Basically, eating enough protein for breakfast will ensure you don't wind up hungry again before it's time for lunch.

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The 5 Basic Minerals You Need in Your Diet

We should get most of the minerals we need from the whole foods we eat, but sometimes we just can’t consume enough, and if this happens for a prolonged period of time, it can lead to a deficiency. “A large amount of the population is deficient in one or more essential minerals compared to the daily recommended amount for their gender and age,” says celebrity nutritionist Brigitte Zeitlin. “These deficiencies are a result of either an increased need for the ...

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Sweet Potato Curry with Chickpeas

It is FRIGID temperatures in Ann Arbor this week. Like below freezing all day long. The high today was 20 degrees, the low was in the negatives. That’s a high of 7 degrees below freezing (if you’re looking at the Celsius scale!) It’s that type of cold that makes it really really hard to get […]

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This Model Not Only Eats, But Can Make a Mean Eggplant Parmigiana

Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann, who’s been shot for Vogue and Elle and Harpers Bazaar, has also penned a cookbook, the Impatient Foodie, an accessible, entertaining guide to consuming what’s in your fridge. This proves that models like Teigen and Wiedemann do, in fact, eat – albeit, with foresight and planning. It’s also true that some models don’t eat and I know them to,” Wiedemann tells Yahoo Style.

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Potty Training Basics (The first 3 days, and the first year!)

There are so many articles out there about potty training: the different methods (3 day vs. baby-led), different tools to use (book recommendations, a separate potty chair vs. the kid seat for the big potty), and opinions — that when I started getting asked questions about how we potty trained Layla, I wasn’t sure I had […]

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What’s The Best Organic Formula For Your Baby?

Note: I update this post monthly to ensure that all of the information below is recent and accurate! Read on to find the best organic formula for your baby! We’ve all heard the advice: “Breast is best.” Exclusively breastfeed until your baby is 1 year old. Nurse on demand. Formula is “poison.” For a few moms, […]

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Delicious, Flourless, Gluten Free Brownies!

Super fudge-y, moist, chocolatey, and absolutely amazing: you won’t believe that these brownies are flourless, gluten-free, low-fat, low-sugar, all-natural, and less than 100 calories per brownie! The secret ingredient will surprise you… These brownies are made with black beans. Yup. That’s right. BEANS. You have to try it to believe it, but these don’t taste […]

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Three Simple Things That Will Boost Your Brain Power

Could simply adding three things—two foods, and one activity—to your daily health regimen seriously boost your brain health? Integrative neurologist David Perlmutter, MD, best-selling author of Grain Brain and Brain Maker, thinks so.

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The Best Gifts for the Healthy Foodie

Cooking more at home — where you can control what goes into your food and make your own decisions about portion sizes and ingredients — is unquestionably healthier than eating out night after night. Fortunately, it’s also a lot of fun. With that in mind, check out Yahoo Health’s top cooking gifts for the foodie in your life. Who knows, maybe you’ll want to pick up a second kombucha set for yourself!

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The 10 Cleanest Foods You Can Eat--And The Dirtiest

No longer: Eat Clean, Stay Lean is our clarifying new guide to dirty, clean, and superclean versions of your favorite foods. Here’s how to make sense of the confusing labels:  (Photo: Prevention) Energy Bars Bars are booming and can be a healthy, convenient way to snack on the go—provided they’re not filled with sugar and junk, which most are. Here’s how to choose a cleaner nosh: (Photo: Prevention)   Related: 4 Best Foods For Your Brain Nuts Adding the cleanest versions of these pint-size superfoods to your salad delivers up to 6 g of protein and 3 g of fiber per serving—way more than carb-heavy croutons or sugar-packed raisins.

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What’s the Deal With Game Meat?

Not all red meat is created equal, and for meat lovers, there may be a silver lining: game meat. Just make sure you stick to the 18-ounce-per-week limit on red meat recommended for healthy adults by the American Institute for Cancer Research. “In the studies we’ve done, game meat’s fatty-acid profile is by far the most nutritious, meaning that it is high in omega-3s and low in omega-6s,” Loren Cordain, PhD, professor emeritus at Colorado State University’s department of Health and Exercise Science and a foremost authority on the Paleo movement, tells Yahoo Health. Game meat, Cordain says, contains the optimal balance of both omega-3 and omega-6.

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The One Thing These 2 Women Do Every Day to Be Healthier

Green smoothies aren’t just healthy — they’re delicious! (Photo: Stocksy) What are the chances that two moms who met in a kids play group would become business partners and build a powerful social media empire based off of … smoothies? This is the true story of Jen Hansard and Jadah Sellner of Simple Green Smoothies. Drinking just one homemade green smoothie, full of whole, fresh fruits and greens, per day made a massive difference in their health, as well as their families. As Jen and Jadah explained what inspired them to create their incredibly popular Instagram account, Simple Green Smoothies, I was inspired by how passionate they were.

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8 Vegetarian Meals Under 400 Calories

Incorporate these satisfying meals into your repertoire – even if you’re not a vegetarian! 1. Seeds and Greens Bulgur Buddha Salad Having a salad is always a good idea. Sometimes it offers far too few calories to be a complete meal. 2. Vegan Cajun Red Beans and Quinoa Authentic Cajun red beans and rice is one of the fullest-flavored dishes in America.

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What Soda Does To Your Teeth Will Make You Ill

This one’s for you, devoted soda-lovers: Buzzfeed took a look at what drinking soda does to your teeth over time, and the results are not pretty. Check them out in the video above.  Read This Next: What One Can of Coke Does to Your Body in Only One Hour

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How to Make Crackers Out of Juice Pulp (Yes, Juice Pulp)

Blend all ingredients except for the water in a food processor. Add water to the food processor in a thin stream till the mix is easy to spread but not watery. If you have a food dehydrator: turn the “dough” out onto a Teflex-lined dehydrator sheet and spread it evenly (it should be about ¼-inch thick, or just less than that). If you don’t have a food dehydrator: Preheat your oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit.

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The Picky Eater Meal Plan (Week 8)

The past two weeks have been kind of crazy in our house! I was traveling for almost an entire week, and then the husband was traveling for almost an entire week. So basically, not much cooking got done. The night before I left for my trip, I made my Veggie Lasagna – which Layla and the […]

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Simple Springtime Ratatouille

Spring is finally here! And to celebrate, I decided to make one of my favorite veggie dishes: ratatouille. It’s simple, packed with flavor and fresh herbs, and super easy to make. I like topping ours with some parmesan cheese and serving it with quinoa for some extra protein! You can make it with any veggies […]

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