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Happy February

Why do you only have to reevaluate yourself once a year?
Every year on January 1st people make these so called "resolutions" that they want to keep the whole year around! Do people always keep them? no! Do I always keep them? No.  I am human..give me a break.  I thought I would revert back to my post on resolutions and see how I have done so far!?

  • be healthier in general. cut sweets and eat natural sweets if needed (i.e. fruit) in babyyy
  • run a 5K and a 10K  hoping to run a 5k on feb. 25
  • do 100 pushups, (25 intervals with 10 second breaks...with no knees on the ground) getting closer but not quite there. 
  • go to the gym 3-5 times a week, life gets in the way and that is understandable that is why the minimum is 3, but i want to strive for 5. so far so good; im going between 5-6 times a week! 
  • do different exercises and step out of my element i have been lifting more
  • bikram yoga/pilates and bar method. try new things getting ready to use my pure barre groupon giftcard soon
  • discover hiking trails and running paths in this crazy city of Vegas haven't done..YET.
  • Play outside more with my dog need to work on this some more
  • Spend more time outside with my boyfriend and soaking in some Vitamin D so far so good. 
  • Eat healthier and enjoy cooking healthier definitely have been doing!
  • Update recipes to make them lactose free and share them on here need to get on this
  • bake more, and bake healthier. Figure out ways to make things taste yummy but healthy. same with the one above. need to work on this 
  • Switch up my breakfast routine, peanut butter toast on the fly, while driving to work is no longer acceptable. More substance is needed.  im trying. sometimes i have oatmeal ;)
  • lower my intake of energy drinks and find natural energy boosters haven't had one EVERYday. 
  • Figure out a healthy balance between computer, exercise, friends and family. and throw in some ME time. been doing pretty good on this one. so far im finding a good balance..i think. 
  • Switch up the strength training and dont be afraid to try new machines.  With reading so many Fitfluential blogs, I have been trying new things. 
  • Be happy. always a work in progress =]
  • become fit. always a work in progress!

I have to admiti have addiction

Gym Fuel!

Today is workout day number 6 in a row;
im thinking a rest day [yoga day] is needed.
I have been trying to kick up my running and start running ALOT more;
and yesterday i ran 2.5 miles. Now that doesnt sound like a ton, but for me that is a big accomplishment considering im not a runner. im a kickboxing, stepper; not a runner. 

i have to admit..i have an addiction

to these babies:
Snapea Crisps!
seriously a delicious snack!
the whole bag is less than 400 calories;
and they are supposed to go on a salad..but if they make it to your salad..i'd be surprised! 
and the Urban Decay Naked Palette: 
i dont have the 2nd one yet..but until this one is out i dont need the 2nd one [look at me..trying to save money]
here is one of my favorite combinations for a night out/date/interview:

*the right eye looks darker on the crease but i promise its just lighting.
eyeliner: elf cream eyeliner
mascara: elf mineral infused mascara
& Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express
all 3 in black

Dont give inor do

Today is workout day number 6 in a row;
im thinking a rest day [yoga day] is needed.
I have been trying to kick up my running and start running ALOT more;
and yesterday i ran 2.5 miles. Now that doesnt sound like a ton, but for me that is a big accomplishment considering im not a runner. im a kickboxing, stepper; not a runner. 

Dont give in..or do

Нeyyy i cant believe it is already wednesday;
almost through the week.
happy hump day!
these past few weeks i have enjoyed cooking, enjoyed thinking of new recipes and new food ideas! thank you pinterest!
i love love love these!

berries for breakfast are always a win!
a whole foods run for lunch!
salad..veggie filled! [i dont even mess around..lettuce is not needed]
and brown rice
my new favorite;
make it with chicken broth..even better!

sweet potatoes! yum yum yum
sweet potato leftovers and zucchini 
chicken brocolli; and some fun whole wheat pasta

1 whole egg and 2 egg whites on whole wheat toast;
no that isnt ketchup its hot sauce
let me digress a bit; this looks like alot of food..but its mostly healthy stuff
acorn squash
eggs on toast
my go to snack currently
pb on whole wheat rice cake
and always WATTTTTER.


Gym Fuel!

Today is workout day number 6 in a row;
im thinking a rest day [yoga day] is needed.
I have been trying to kick up my running and start running ALOT more;
and yesterday i ran 2.5 miles. Now that doesnt sound like a ton, but for me that is a big accomplishment considering im not a runner. im a kickboxing, stepper; not a runner. 
I researched a lot of things as to what could help me run more and i just needed food with more substance and energy. Something that will help me want to stay running.
I made up my own oatmeal recipe by reading a ton of fitness/healthy living blogs and changing them to my liking. 
hello my new favorite breakfast!
1 pkg. of Kashi Go Lean oatmeal-Honey Cinnamon [i will used old fashioned oats once the rest of my packets are gone.]
1 tsp Cinnamon [or as much as you want..i like it to taste cinnamon-y so sometimes i add more.]
1/4 tsp. Vanilla Extract  
3/4c. water [depending on the consistency you like] 
pop it in the microwave for 1 minute
then add 1 tablespoon PB. [or whatever nut butter you like]
Walllla! instance awesomeness. [yes i just used two words that aren't technically words] 
This past weekend after the gym i needed a quick lunch i was heading off to run some errands; so i threw some eggs in a pan [sans milk obvi.] 
Whole Wheat bread in the toaster. put it together and what do you got?
some delicious lunch. 
witha  side of grape tomatoes.  
there were a ton more, but i ate them. woops.
This week my lunch will consist of this: 
i would like to call this my Trader Joe's lunch!
Tj's Bean so Green
Tj's Spicy Jalepeno Chicken Sausage
Tj's Organic Brown Rice
Grape Tomatoes.

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